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NTMI Nugegoda Head office will be closed on 15th February as per the instructions of the health authorities due to the covid 19 pandemic. The day on which your medical report could be obtained those who already reserved a time through the e-Channeling service will be informed.

කොවිඩ්19 වසංගතය හේතුවෙන් සෞඛ්‍ය බලධාරීන්ගේ උපදෙස් පරිදි නුගෙගොඩ ආයතනය පෙබරවාරි 15 වන දින වසා තැබේ. ඊ-චැනල් සේවාව හරහා දැනටමත් වේලාවක් වෙන් කර ඇති අයට වෛද්‍ය වාර්තාව ලබා ගත හැකි දිනය පසුව දැනුම් දෙනු ලැබේ.

eChannelling - Home | FacebookMinistry of Transport - NTMI - National Transport Medical Institute - Home  | Facebook Driving license applicants have to wait a long time for their turn to arrive as a large number of people turn up at the National Transport Medical Institute in the morning to obtain medical fitness reports.

In order to minimize this unnecessary waste of time of  the customers, new time reservation system will be introduced with e-Channeling PLC in the near future on the concept of His Excellency the President Gotabaya Rajapaksha under the guidance of the Hon. Minister of State for Transport Dilum Amununugama and with the direction of the Chairman Dr. Savindra Gamage.


Ministry of Transport - NTMI - National Transport Medical Institute - Home  | Facebook


As a result of focus on convenience service delivery to the driving license applicants NTMI empower it's centers with modern time reservation system with the effect from 2020 of November 20th.

Driving license applicant will facilitated by this service to reserve a convenience date and time for obtaining medical fitness certificate using any telecom service provider for any NTMI center.